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Responsive, dual-language website design for BLJ Worldwide
Additional services available upon request.

End to End Website Design & Development

Shine in today's digital landscape.
Responsive, dual-language website design for BLJ Worldwide

We understand that in today's world, an online presence is more important than ever. This is why we strive to create beautiful, engaging websites that help you put your best foot forward online. Our end to end digital solutions are tailored for each project we work on to ensure that we meet your individual needs and goals.

The websites we create are responsive, which means that they are designed for all screen sizes. We create digital experiences that transfer seamlessly from desktop to mobile.

Digital experiences that look amazing on every screen.

Visual Brand Identity & Strategy

Elevate your brand with a visual identity.
Branding for Invertebrate Records

We specialize in cohesive, contemporary branding. We create strategy based visual systems that tell your brand's story and express its personality through visual standards that include type, imagery, color, and language. These are the fundamental building blocks of a visual identity and a successful branding strategy.

We create visual standards for your brand that are cohesive, consistent, and designed to look beautiful in any context; whether that's an Instagram profile picture or a heavy duty box truck.

Strategic brand concepts that are bigger than just a logo.

Creative Direction & Image Creation

Bring your visual narrative to life.
Album artwork for QUAYTONA 800 by Quay 80

We create visual design and images that help you tell your story. As a team of multidisciplinary designers, we are able to create a broad scope of images that can complement any idea. Our skill set includes studio photography, illustration, collage, motion graphics, and custom typography.

Powerful visuals that complement your ideas.

Marketing, Advertising, & Social Media

Engage with your audience.
Album artwork for QUAYTONA 800 by Quay 80

In a world where we are all constantly bombarded with seemingly non-stop advertising, it can be challenging to create a campaign that garners attention. This is why we approach marketing from a humancentric perspective. We create design that is made by humans, for humans. We create marketing and advertising materials for both digital and print media that are engaging and enjoyable to read.

Boost sales with attention grabbing campaigns for digital and print media.

Presentation Design

Present your work with confidence.
Album artwork for QUAYTONA 800 by Quay 80

We create stunning, high definition digital presentations that showcase your work and ideas with ease and professionalism. When we create a presentation, we make sure that every single slide looks beautiful.

In order to make sure that your presentation is clear and elegant, we create a visual system based design that organizes information according to hierarchy.

HD, widescreen presentations that are stunning and professional.


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