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We are a creative studio in NYC that creates beautiful design experiences for digital and print media.

About Us

We're Two Piece Studio
Facebook cover photo for WellWell featuring custom color coded branded borders.

We are a boutique, full service creative studio with a primary focus on branding and web design. We are a group of multidisciplinary designers who are design obsessed and believe that attention to detail is the difference between good design and great design.

Our goal is to create design that is humancentric at its core.

Our design process always begins with extensive research and concept ideation. Creating a deep understanding of any project that we are working on is essential for us, because that is what leads to the truth, and the truth is the foundation of a great idea. We believe that strong concepts and smart thinking are the foundation of great design.

Our Manifesto

Design created by humans, for humans.

Two Piece Studio was founded by Kat Sokolova (she/her) and Gentz Islami (he/him) in 2019 in New York. Kat and Gentz both studied Design at the School of Visual Arts, and have a passion for drinking espresso and making things beautiful.

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Est. 201

Two Piece Studio was founded by Kat Sokolova and Gentz Islami.


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